Increasing The Chance of Success By Assigning The Right Kind of Project Manager

September 6, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Project Management is a leadership role. History has taught us that there are different approaches to leadership -the same can be said about project management.
This article by Harvard Business Review talks about the four kinds of project managers and what is the best type of project they should handle for optimal chance of success.
In this compilation of Pmchat, is cited a Geneca study that says 75% of IT executives believe that their projects are doomed from the start. It is a big number. There is obviously a leadership or communication problem somewhere. HBV simply believes a part of it is not assigning the right person for the job.
The article talks about the four types of project managers in detail, and how they should be utilized by senior management.
-Miyagi Kazuki

Read the source article at Harvard Business Review

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