Spotlight: Microsoft Project Management

October 22, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Spotlight:  Microsoft Project Management

Project management has become crucial to project managers as it helps the company stay on target without wasting time and resources. The essence of project management is to plan and organize the company’s resources to see tasks toward their completion. Without proper project management, a typical project will be at 200 percent in cost overruns and 70 percent in schedule overruns. And in a study made by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, commercially available software increases the performance and satisfaction of the team working on the project.

It is the job of IT managers to proactively engage business leaders to create new system enhancements, and it’s the job of business owners and heads to consider new IT ideas into their overall strategy. Without the engagement between IT and top management, 60  to 80 percent  of projects fail to meet their objectives and complete significantly later and more expensive than planned.

This is where Microsoft Project comes in. Created by Microsoft, Project has been updated and innovated over the years to cater to what project managers want most: a good view of resource allocation and the current work progress. When project managers want to be on top of their project they have to be filled in on the details. Microsoft Project is a powerful tool that gives managers a good view of the project’s resource management, reports and timesheets in great detail. Because of the enhanced detail, the software can also aid in streamlined resource management as it can specify exactly who, what resources and when for a specific task, which can also be monitored at the same time.

In order to see how a job is going, Microsoft can also be integrated into other systems that can help project managers see whether a job is getting done or a new idea on how to solve problems pops up. With the ability to integrate to systems like SharePoint, project managers can have a better view of the workflow and can adjust to sophisticated tasks as they happen and share that information with their team.

There are many organizations that use Microsoft Project and depend on it for the projects they undertake. Organizations like Cardiff University use Microsoft Project and “…has allowed us to gain much deeper and more readily accessible insight into the health of our programs and projects. Considering the size and scale of our portfolio of change, which impacts every part of the university, this is a huge step forward.”

China-based YunZec also has also been using Microsoft Project and they found that it gave them the “…flexibility to choose the best projects based on our strategic direction and adjust our investment plan accordingly. With the help of Microsoft Project Online, we can understand the progress of all projects more intuitively and optimize resource utilization.”

The reason why Microsoft Project is so effective is because the brand has been around the tech block since 1975. It  has consistently been a leader and innovator in the industry, with Microsoft Project first commercially available in 1984. Since then, Microsoft has been consistently adapting and innovating to suit the needs of companies and other retail clients, which keeps them as the market leader in the industry.

With many company projects tanking, project managers have found that project management software can help them see a project through. But when managers need to step up their game to stay on budget and on time, Microsoft Project is the most powerful tool you can use to help you manage your project efficiently and effectively.

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